Sep. 28th, 2010

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Day 1 – Favorite Album
Day 2 – Favorite Song Without an Album
Day 3 – Favorite Song From Bullets
Day 4 – Favorite Song From Revenge
Day 5 – Favorite Song From Parade
Day 6 – Favorite Frerard Moment
Day 7 – Favorite Lyrics
Day 8 – A song that makes you happy
Day 9 – Favorite live performance
Day 10 – Favorite Ray solo
Day 11 – Favorite Bob/Frank Moment
Day 12 – Favorite Gerard/Mikey Moment
Day 13 – Favorite picture of them
Day 14 – Favorite interview
Day 15 – Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 16 – Favorite music video
Day 17 – Favorite video (not music video)
Day 18 – Least favorite song
Day 19 – A song that makes you sad
Day 20 – Favorite moment from LOTMS
Day 21 – Favorite song they have covered
Day 22 – Favorite Leathermouth song
Day 23 – Favorite quote
Day 24 – Favorite Frank tattoo
Day 25 – Favorite MCR dog
Day 26 – Time you’ve been a fan
Day 27 – How did you discover them?
Day 28 – Reasons why you love them and their music
Day 29 – What do you expect about the new album?

Day 30 – Whatever tickles your fancy

Last day, what should I post... I know, fic recs! XD Here are my fav MCR fics (mostly Frerard, but then again...)

Pinch Hitter (Frank/Gerard/Adam Lambert)
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (MCR GSF)
Accidentally (Gerard/Pete)
Sit Tight (Frank/Gerard/Mikey)
You Say It's Enough, In Fact It's Too Much (Waycest)
(And If I Can't Have Everything) Well Then Just Give Me A Taste (Waycest)
The One Where Frank Gets Gangbanged (MCR GSF)
Burn Me Clean (Waycest)
Hey Mr. DJ (Frerard)
Wake Up And Notice (Frerard)
Buy Handmade (Frerard)
The Holly Golightly Club (Frerard, Mikey/Pete)
Everyday Mysteries In The Summertime (Pete/Mikey)
Nightswimming (Frerard)
The Blue Room (Frerard)
A Natural Reaction To Roughhousing (Frerard)
Conclusions (Frerard, Ray/Bob)
Sixteen Tons (How Frank Made It Happen) (Frerard)
The Fall And Rise Of The Black Parade (Frerard, Mikey/Ray)
Hard Candy (Frerard)
Something Better (Frerard)
Throw A Little Sparkle Over It (Frerard)

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01/30: List all the Pixar movies you’ve seen
02/30: Your favorite Pixar movie
03/30: Your least favorite Pixar movie
04/30: Favorite Pixar character
05/30: Favorite Pixar villain
06/30: Favorite “Toy Story” movie
07/30: Favorite “A Bug’s Life” scene
08//30: Favorite “WALL-E" moment
09/30: Favorite “Monster’s, Inc.” character and why?
10/30: A quote from “Finding Nemo”
11/30: Favorite “The Incredibles” scene
12/30: Favorite “Cars” scene
13/30: Favorite “Up” moment
14/30: Which sequel are you looking forward to most?
15/30: Favorite Ratatouille scene
16/30: Whatever tickles your fancy
17/30: Favorite “Toy Story” character
18/30: Favorite “A Bug’s Life” character
19/30: Favorite “Monster’s, Inc.” quote
20/30: Favorite “Finding Nemo” character
21/30: Favorite “The incredibles” character
22/30: Favorite “Cars” character
23/30: Favorite “Ratatouille” character
24/30: Favorite “WALL-E” character
25/30: Favorite “Up” character
26/30: Favorite Pixar short
27/30: A quote from any movie

28/30: A movie/scene that made you cry

Oh god, Pixar's tearjerkers are the WORST. Well, there's two. One is the montage of Carl and Ellie's relationship in Up. So sad, especially the doctor scene. I didn't expect that in a kids' movie. Also, When Somebody Loved Me from Toy Story 2. I mean, growing up and changing is sad enough, but that song... It hits all my abandonment fears like THAT.

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