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Come on, New York Magazine, really? ONE THING was worse than MCR? Really? And, seriously, WHY DOES THIS BAND INSPIRE SO MANY FUCKING HATERS?! Why do people who "really don't give a shit about that godawful band" devote SO MUCH TIME to bashing it in any way they can? I mean, you'd THINK there would be more important things to do than insult a band you don't like, right?

Seriously. I mean, a guy says "I kinda want to punch that chick in the face/boobs/vagina/etc", and he'll be branded a supporter of domestic violence. MTV can't even SHOW the Snooki Punch on TV unblurred. But girls, they can be all "dude, can I just rip his balls off?" and punch a guy in the face, and they'll be CONGRATULATED for standing up for themselves. Um, WHAT?! I mean, yes, violence against women is AWFUL. But I HATE how society seems to ignore all the violence committed BY women, and the fucking double standard. Eesh.

Also, this is just a real-life annoyance. See, there's this guy, a friend of mine, and my friends have been telling me since MAY that I should date him. But I wasn't attracted to him. Now of course, I'm starting to be, due to their incessant talking about it and two sexual dreams about him. Yeah. I'm just gonna keep this to myself for a bit...
Also, because I never spoke about it: Na Na Na video. Stayed up for it, watched it, liked it, didn't love it, kinda annoyed by it. TOHFMIY — LOVE IT. Holy CRAP that song is AMAZING. Also, I am damn near certain I am buying the box set. Sick-ass crazy, right?!
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