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The reunion (if not of the bands, at least of the people) that we've been waiting hoping praying for? (Obligatory fandom post is obligatory XD)

OMG SQUEE!!!! And Brendon, you are ROCKING the hipster look! Ryan... Clean up a bit. Please?
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[livejournal.com profile] meiloslyther - Top Five Panic! and MCR songs

Panic! At The Disco )My Chemical Romance )
[livejournal.com profile] ladyfoxxx - Top Five Pieces of Personal CanonPersonal canon )

[livejournal.com profile] disarm_d - Top Five Panic! StoriesAn abundance of Colin )
Part 2 to follow with Brendon pics! :D

Fic Update

Jul. 30th, 2010 05:37 pm
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I'm sorry for all of the delays for those of you who are expecting my fics, but I've got a lot going on and a lot on my plate, so I thought I'd give y'all an update.

In Process (currently being written)
  • an abuse-fic which shows how twisted violent relationships are, and the way they can affect those involved (Frank/Gerard)
  • my bandom AU for the [livejournal.com profile] compaubigbang 
  • my fic for the [livejournal.com profile] waysplusone's PWF: if it happened post-split
  • my Love, Actually spin on Glee for [livejournal.com profile] reel_glee
So I'm realy sorry things are taking so long, but I've got three challenges, one of which is a big bang, a few bingos to brainstorm, and I'm going to camps and vacations in August. Keep watching for more!
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Because right now, it seems almost as if Panic! At The Disco and My Chemical Romance are having a competition of sorts on who can better tease their fans with "new album" info.

Panic! At The Disco
Although TYV had already come out with an album and begun touring, P!ATD had not had any new info on a new album besides a few offhand references in interviews, New Perspective, and that old demo of Oh Glory!, until recently. First came these five Tweets from Spencer (two of which were reTweeted by Brendon), discussing (in order) Brendon's songwriting, the finishing of drum tracking, the finishing of guitar and bass tracking, the near-finishing of vocal tracking and keyboard/orchestration, and the finishing of percussion (which came with an attached photo). A day after the last Tweet, Pete Wentz granted us another tidbit in the form of a Tweet about his personal side project, Bl4ck C4rds, and mentioning how he had "17 new panic songs 2 listen 2 &work out now".

My Chemical Romance
After repeated mentions of being "nearly finished" with the new album for the past few months years, MCR decided to start posting cryptic messages on the new record's state. First was Ray, with his Tweet of "the final countdown", which was then reTweeted by Frank, along with a dramatic soundtrack. Next, Ray posted this image, which appears to be an image of the ProTools application "bouncing to disk", or mastering the final versions of music recordings. In other words, the program being used to finish producing their album. ETA: Also, Warner Music Tweeted to "keep a lookout" for a fall album. 

So, who do you think will release first? Tour first? First single (besides New Perspective)? And above all... which band is the bigger cocktease?
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Um... Yeah. Exactly What It Says On The Tin. I'd suggest wearing headphones. And YES, it begins with Oh Glory! Just... continue. Maybe.


Work of Art

Jul. 8th, 2010 09:13 pm
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So... Last night (ETA: June 31's episode), I was watching BravoTV's Work of Art: The Next Great Artist with my family. And the challenge was to create a "shocking piece of art". Very, very awkward. Why?

Oh, because everyone defaulted to sex. Because one guy did a drawing of autofellatio and one girl took nearly-nude photographs of herself and had people write graffiti on them, bathroom-stall-style. Because Cutest-Guy Miles Mendenhall drew a Mickey Mouse outline and filled it in with grotesque drawings of genitalia, and then proceeded to come on it, all while discussing how his first erection was to The Little Mermaid. Because Second-Cutest-Guy Ryan Schultz painted "My Tranny Porno Fantasy" in which he is tied around the neck with an electrical cord and shown post-orgasm, post-comeshot with pink hair. Yeah. Lovely things I'm thinking. WITH MY PARENTS RIGHT THERE.

On the other hand, I now have a new plotbunny — of course. Because that statement from Miles? Yeah. Now I HAVE to go write him and Brendon Urie having hot sex while a Disney movie plays. :D
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In reference to the NEXT big bandom debacle (one that doesn't involve gratuitous and offensive triggers), the Young Veins Alternative Press magazine interview and subsequent Tweet by JWalk. Well, I've got my thoughts on it too, and here they are:

Cattiness, sarcasm, and all-around bitchiness behind cut )
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Title: Behind the Front
Pairing: Frank Iero/Gerard Way, Ryan Ross/Brendon Urie
Rating: PG
Warning: One instance of f-ck, a platonic kiss
Disclaimer: I don't own them, no matter how many times I wish on 11:11, and these events are, as far as I know, the work of fiction. If Google abuse brought you here, and you know and/or are those involved, please don't read.
Summary: MCR was invited to the cabin, and the two frontmen bond over being just that — fronts.
Challenge Number: [info]picturethis_mcr 's Challenge Number 6
Author's Note: [info]behindthec's PCCF has ruined me for vacations, because every time I see an image of a lake with a dock, even more so if sepia-toned, I'm gonna picture Panic!'s cabin. This is no exception.

Gerard sits at the end of the dock, exhaling carcinogens into the night )
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[livejournal.com profile] brendon_on_ebay. Everyone go and join/watch it. Now.

Now, to elaborate; [livejournal.com profile] randomepiphany was considering an epic, epic Panic! story in which Brendon sells himself on eBay. Zie then mentioned how this one plot device could be interpreted in a myriad of ways, and each story would be unique. And then I said that there should be a community for that, and everyone could write their own story to it. Thus, [livejournal.com profile] brendon_on_ebay was born.

So now, if you enjoy bandom in the least, go join it, watch it, pimp it to your friends, and write for it! We'd also love it if someone were to make a banner, a layout, or even just an icon for us!
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Why? Oh, because I somehow only JUST heard Oh Glory! It's amazing, enough said, but HOW did I manage to not hear it, especially with its proximity to the split?! But, I do have an excuse... of sorts: I got into Panic! around December 2009, and its fandom around May 2010. In other words, significantly AFTER the split. So I basically caught up on all of the fandom basics, and several of the finer points, in less than a month. (Which should make my Ryden love much weirder, but...)

So if you're a loser who hasn't heard it yet, LISTEN! It goes back to AFYCSO, first off, which is epic, it's SOOOO danceable, and although I'm pissed that they split, thank GOD Brendon stayed, because his VOICE! Oh. Em. Gee.
On another note, I just finished all of my finals and Regents exams (ETA: As of June 21), so I've got a week left in school and two half-days of classes before I get my report card and have SUMMER EFFING VACATION!!!!

Third note: If you like Project Runway, Top Chef, etc., then watch Bravo's Work of Art: The Next Great Artist. It's this really cool show, as Bravos' reality competitions usually are, and there are some pretty sick people. Like this dude with OCD who is incredibly talented and MAJORLY attractive, and this girl with the most piercing blue eyes I have ever seen. So yeah, check it out. Coolness.

Lastly, I cannot wait for the next season of Glee; KURT GETS A BOYFRIEND!!!!!!! :D
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So I've had this idea for a really long Ryden, spanning from the band's formation to two years post-split. And I've had this one line running in my mind for a while now, and I wanted to get some thoughts. On just one line. Yes, I'm insane.

It's not until after the door shuts behind her that he lets himself fold into a ball, wrapping his arms around himself tightly as if they can keep his heart from finally breaking.

Is it too poetic? Or does it sound just right?

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