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Having seen last night's episode, I can safely conclude four things:

1) Kurt makes the best diva-bitch EVER.
2) Also, Chris Colfer is HOT. Da-YUM.
3) Lea Michele + Paramore does not, in fact, suck.
4) I finally get the sexy-hype surrounding Matthew Morrison as Will.

Then again, THESE SCENES may have helped a good bit:

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Why? Oh, because I somehow only JUST heard Oh Glory! It's amazing, enough said, but HOW did I manage to not hear it, especially with its proximity to the split?! But, I do have an excuse... of sorts: I got into Panic! around December 2009, and its fandom around May 2010. In other words, significantly AFTER the split. So I basically caught up on all of the fandom basics, and several of the finer points, in less than a month. (Which should make my Ryden love much weirder, but...)

So if you're a loser who hasn't heard it yet, LISTEN! It goes back to AFYCSO, first off, which is epic, it's SOOOO danceable, and although I'm pissed that they split, thank GOD Brendon stayed, because his VOICE! Oh. Em. Gee.
On another note, I just finished all of my finals and Regents exams (ETA: As of June 21), so I've got a week left in school and two half-days of classes before I get my report card and have SUMMER EFFING VACATION!!!!

Third note: If you like Project Runway, Top Chef, etc., then watch Bravo's Work of Art: The Next Great Artist. It's this really cool show, as Bravos' reality competitions usually are, and there are some pretty sick people. Like this dude with OCD who is incredibly talented and MAJORLY attractive, and this girl with the most piercing blue eyes I have ever seen. So yeah, check it out. Coolness.

Lastly, I cannot wait for the next season of Glee; KURT GETS A BOYFRIEND!!!!!!! :D

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