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Reply with 'FISHSTICKS!!!' and I’ll give you four fandoms. You then have to make an entry writing about your favorite character from each fandom and why.

[livejournal.com profile] overheads gave me Ace Attorney, House, Death Note, and Inception. :D

Ace Attorney: This is tricky... There's so many interesting and complex characters, like Lang, Ini, Dahlia, Klavier, and Matt... I'm gonne be predictable here and say Miles Edgeworth. Not just because he's extremely good-looking, or because his game is one of the best ones, but because he's such an interesting character, and it's really fun to watch him grow from cute little justice-loving kid to stuck-up sexy Bratworth to stuck-up walled-off adult to mature and more vulnerable adult. Also, he's is totally closeted for Phoenix.

House: Wilson, easily. I love how he's such an enabler for House, but seems to want what's best for him, as well. And their banter together is one of the best parts of the show. They're one of the few couples where I not only want them to get together, but legitimately think they were intended to. Also, I am a complete fangirl for Robert Sean Leonard. XD

Death Note: Mello. off the top of my head, he's incredibly sexy. But deeper down, he seems like a very complicated person. Think about it. All his life, he's been trying to become the best he can, so that he can finally become what he'd always wanted (the new L), but it's never been enough. It must destroy him inside to never quite measure up, which is why, when he had his dreams utterly and completely dashed, he left. he had nothing else to stay for, because that was the one thing he'd been there for. And then, at the end, it seems like he knew he would die if he kidnapped Takada. But he did it anyways, because could tell that it was the only way to defeat Kira, showing just how intelligent he is, and how noble. And him with Matt, they clearly are not open people, so the fact that they each care about each other so much shows just how close they really are, romantically or not. Also, I have to give Mello massive props for his somehow joining the Mafia and become a total BAMF (with the world's best wardrobe). ♥

Inception: A tie between Arthur, Eames, and Robert. So I'll just explain all three. Arthur seems like he not just wants control, but needs it. I feel like something's happened in his past which had him in a situation in which he felt like he had no control, so he reacted by controlling everything possible in his life. Also, he's a complete badass GQMF. And Eames... God, Eames is just so charismatic, and he's a total badass in their job, but not in the same way as Arthur, in a much more sensual way (that blonde was HOT). And I feel like he's been in love with Arthur for forever, but something happened in the past (a one-night stand? A drunken... thing? A failed relationship?) which drove them apart, and they were both hurt by it, but while Arthur reacted by shutting himself inside, and coming off as cold to Eames, Eames reacted by pushing down the feelings so he could stay as close to him as possible, even though nothing could come of it, because he wanted to be near him. And the flirting is just his way of showing his feelings without having to get serious about things, because then he could be hurt. Robert, he seems like such a complicated character, for which I have to give major kudos to Cillian Murphy for portraying him so well. He seems like all his life, he's never been allowed to be who he wants to be; he's had his life controlled by his father, and he's never had a chance to be himself. This is why the inception actually feels like it made his life better, rather than destroying it.

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